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6th-Jan-2017 10:43 am - Fic Rec Friday
Tour Eiffel

Sin Titulo

Lisa K

R (language)


Summary: Doggett thinks he should have made that left turn at Albuquerque.


4th-Jan-2017 02:08 pm - Happy New Year!
Doggett/Scully - Professionals
Happy New Year everyone!

I decided to join back up with LiveJournal this year, and wanted to bring back a version of my previous (multiple) John Doggett and Doggett/Scully communities, all into one! This LJ community is for fans of "The X-Files" character John Doggett, and fans of the Doggett/Scully Relationship (DSR).

Though my JD/DSR fansite, Semper Fi (doggettscully.com), is considered "static" right now (meaning, I'm no longer updating it), I do want to use this community to help keep the JD/DSR fandom alive. I will share fanfic recommendations, artwork, manipulations, icons, etc. I encourage you to share with members of this community any fanfic, artwork, icons, etc. that you have created. If you have a fanfic challenge idea, please share with the community! Let's help keep our fandom's creativity flowing.

Thank you for joining and taking part in this new John Doggett and Doggett/Scully LiveJournal community!
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